Victories and Dismissals

victories and dismissals

Victories and Dismissals in Criminal Cases

Victories and dismissals in criminal defense cases are the ideal resolutions and Austin Defense Lawyer Gabriella Young can help your case. The following are examples of some of the case results that have been accomplished by Attorney Gabriella Young.  Every case stands on its own evidence and circumstances.

* Disclaimer:  All cases are unique and there are no express or implied guarantees as to the results or outcome of any future cases.

Texas        vs.         Number                              Offense                                                     Outcome              
xxx                        12080653                                Driving While Intoxicated                                        Dismissed
xxx                        12201931                                Possession of Marijuana                                          Dismissed
xxx                        12210920                                Driving While Intoxicated                                        Reduced
xxx                        12210921                                Possession of Marijuana                                          Dismissed
xxx                        13204359                                Violation of Occupational License                            Dismissed
xxx                        13005730                                Parent Contributing to Non-Attendance               Dismissed
xxx                       15200xxx                                 DWI BAC Above .15-Suppression Granted            Dismissed


Whether you are charged with a DWI, possession of marijuana or other drug charge, assault, license suspension, prostitution/solicitation, or you may think you will be charged with a crime, don’t hesitate to call. Austin Defense Lawyer Gabriella Young’s advice during the initial consultation is free. She’s only a phone call away. Call us today and find out how affordable an attorney can be!


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