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There are many different ways to obtain Travis County jail releases. Some popular methods include attorney assisted jail releases and the use of a bail bondsman.  Keep in mind not everyone will qualify for a Travis County jail release under these methods, but for most people it is a good place to start!  Gabriella Young is always willing to advise you on the quickest, easiest, and least expensive way to get your loved one out of jail. Call us today to discuss your options!

What is Bail?
Most inmates are entitled to bail but not all inmates are entitled.  Inmates who are charged with probation violations and capitol offenses can be denied bail by a judge.  Bail is set on a case by case basis.  A magistrate or judge reviews the arrest documents and determines what the appropriate bail amount should be based on many factors including but NOT limited to the type of crime, the criminal history of the individual, the ties the defendant has to the community and the likelihood of return to court.

What happens when bail is set?
The purpose of bail is to provide SECURITY or ASSURANCES to the court.  Bail is usually “made” in the form of money payment in exchange for the release of an arrested person  as a guarantee of that person’s appearance for trial. Once bail has been set, the process of being released from jail can begin.

What happens AFTER bail is set?
Just because bail has been set, does not mean that a person will be released from jail.  In some cases, a person will be released on a personal bond without the assistance of counsel.  That process can be a long, slow one. In most cases a person will need to obtain a Surety Bail bondsman or Attorney for aid with a jail release. Attorney assisted jail releases can be very affordable and quick. At the Law Office of Gabriella C. Young, fees for Travis County jail releases are normally applied to the cost of representation. If your loved one is in jail, call us IMMEDIATELY AT (512)499-0890 to speak with our on-call attorney!

If you choose to hire a bail bondsman to help with Travis County jail releases, there are several reputable companies in the Central Texas area. They will charge a fee for the release and upon release the person who is on the surety bond will be responsible for appearing in court and making weekly visits to the bondsman for “check-ins”. If a person fails to communicate with the bail bondsman or fails to appear in court, the person who entered into the agreement with the bail bondsman will be responsible for paying the sum of the bond that was forfeited.

Sometimes a person will opt for a Cash Deposit Bond. These bonds are used when the full amount of the bond (for example $4000.00) is paid in cash to the jail holding the inmate. This money is then deposited in a trust account with the County and held until the resolution of the case. Once the case is resolved the amount deposited is returned less a nominal fee (usually $50) charged by the County. Cash Deposits are a great choice for jail release if the monetary funds and a friend or family member is available to aid with the deposit.

What is a bond forfeiture?

In a criminal case bond forfeiture occurs when a defendant, whose appearance in court has been guaranteed by the posting of a bond, fails to appear. After the bond is forfeited, a warrant is issued for the arrest and a civil suit begins through the County to retrieve the sum forfeited. In other words, the County or bail bondsman can sue you for the amount of bail because of your failure to appear in court and the judge will order you to be arrested!  if you have bond forfeited or missed a court date, call Gabriella Young IMMEDIATELY at:                     

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