Traffic Citations and Tickets

Help From an Austin Attorney for Traffic Citations and Tickets

traffic citations and tickets


Traffic Citations and Tickets

Protecting your rights and your driving privileges if you receive traffic citations and tickets is very important. The damage that can be caused by handling these types of cases on your own can be serious and hard to reverse. You need an experienced traffic citations and tickets lawyer to guide you through this process and be your spokesperson at court. Before you pay a ticket or citation, call Gabriella Young. Attorneys can often help avoid convictions for traffic citations and tickets, avoid costly fines and penalties, and avoid the dreaded surcharges. Gabriella Young offers reasonable fees when handling tickets and the consultation is free. So before you pay, give her a call.

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Not addressing traffic citations and tickets can lead to costly fine increases, warrants and even being arrested. With the yearly “round up” by local agencies, more and more people are being arrested for traffic ticket warrants. If you are concerned that there may be a warrant out for your arrest, call for a free consultation. Gabriella Young will discuss the strategy and possible outcomes in each type of ticket or citation you may have pending. If you fail to pay a traffic ticket or fail to appear on your court date, a new charge of Failure to Appear (FTA) will also be added. FTAs are expensive and unnecessary, and can result in Texas suspending your driving privileges indefinitely.

Don’t be fooled, paying tickets can result in license suspensions and surcharges. By paying a ticket you will be pleading guilty or “no contest”, this plea will result in a conviction on your driving record. Furthermore, if convicted, you could accrue points towards the DPS point system, suffer a suspension and you may be required to pay costly surcharges.  Pleading guilty or no contest is not necessary and should be your last option!  Even if you don’t want to “fight” your ticket, having an attorney explain the consequences and negotiate an outcome in your case is a valuable tool and you should consider using it.




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Traffic Citations and Tickets can have serious
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