The state of Texas has passed a law that will help them essentially lead the nation in the implementation of self-driving cars.

A representative from General Motors recently told a panel of lawmakers that a small fleet of the cars could be up and running by the year 2019.

The law, known as SB 2205, would allow the Department of Public Safety to regulate these types of cars. It also places regulation powers into the hands of the state rather than local cities or counties. Furthermore, the law also officially makes the car’s legal operator the owner of it, while also enabling the driving system itself to be what is licensed to operate it. On the other hand, however, a recording device will have to be placed inside the car by the manufacturer.

Google, Uber and GM are three companies who are currently seeking to implement self-driving cars throughout Texas in the coming years.

Two programs currently being implemented in the cities of Pittsburgh and Phoenix have cars that have made more than one million trips and logging over 30,000 hours. These types of programs are designed to help companies like taxicabs save a great amount of money. Even better is the fact that these types of programs could also soon be launched in Texas as well, thanks in large part to the flat landscape.

On the other hand, reports state that individuals who wish to purchase a self-driving car for personal usage is a topic that is still likely decades away from being discussed.

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