There are a lot of different New Year’s resolutions that make the top of our lists every year; however, one of the newest ones trending is referred to as “dry January,” in which an individual completely does away with drinking alcohol during the month of January. This can also work during any other 30-day period.

Stopping alcohol is, for many, just a great way to get back into shape and to cut calories, while others use the opportunity as a way to explore the overall impact that alcohol has had on their lives.

If stopping alcohol for a month is something that you’re considering doing, here are a few things that you will need to consider beforehand.

  • Normally, quitting drinking will greatly improve your sleep. Many people choose to drink in order to help them fall asleep; however, since alcohol is considered to be a depressant, meaning it works only as long as the alcohol works,, this is something that can be a big mistake. Drinking before you fall asleep will cause your sleep itself to be disturbed for the rest of the night. Additionally, quitting drinking for a month will also cause your energy level to boost, your mood to stabilize, and your sugar levels to get back to normal. Perhaps even more importantly is the fact that your liver will remain as healthy as possible.
  • If you’re someone who drinks heavily and experiences withdrawals, this is a sign that quitting drinking cold turkey is something that you shouldn’t attempt. This also means that, unfortunately, your drinking has gotten you to the point where you may have to be detoxed medically, meaning that you will have to speak to your doctor to see if you can be prescribed a medication that can help you reduce your overall alcohol consumption.
  • Consider replacing drinking with other activities, such as exercising, walking, spending time with friends and family, etc. Doing this will help you feel so much better after quitting drinking. Always stop and remember that the overall goal is to live your life to the fullest rather than keeping track of when you’ll be able to drink again. No matter what, always think about what you want to do instead of having a drink.

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