Recently, a woman upset with an alleged billing issue with AT&T decided to contact the company by phone and try to have the issue resolved; however, according to a photo released by the woman’s mother, she did so while she was in labor with her child!

According to reports, the issue involved the woman having to make phone calls nearly every month in order to determine exactly why the price on her AT&T U-verse bill kept changing. She stated that every time she called someone to try to have the issue corrected, she would make notes of who she spoke with, when the conversation started and ended, and what all was said during the conversation itself. Furthermore, she would always ask the customer service representative on the other end if they were taking notes as well; however, whenever she ended up having to call AT&T again and speak to someone else, they never had any mention of her previous phone calls. That’s when she would ask for both a reference number and an employee identification number, to which she was told that AT&T doesn’t give that information out.

A few days prior to going into labor with her child, the woman had attempted to settle the issue with AT&T. She was promised a return phone call after several attempts of reaching a representative, yet she says she never received one. The same thing was apparently said to her regarding an email as well.

While in a hospital bed in labor, she told the representative that she was speaking with at the time exactly what was going on, and she said it was almost as if the person on the other end of the phone either didn’t believe her or didn’t care. The woman’s bill was due on the day of her child’s birth, and she says she didn’t want her child coming into a world where the first thing that would happen is that his mother would get a late fee from AT&T.

AT&T was later sent the photo of the woman in the hospital, and in response, not only was she offered a much better deal in the form of a longer contract with a lower price, but she was also issued a $50 credit as well.

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