Country music star Randy Travis is asking a federal court to block the release of a video that shows his arrest for a DWI back in 2012, in which Travis is said to have crashed his 1988 Trans Am just west of the town of Tioga.

According to official reports, when police arrived on the scene, Travis was laying in the street with no clothes on. He was also said to be confused and belligerent and also apparently threatened death on the arresting officer. A breathalyzer test also determined that Travis’s blood alcohol content was 0.21, which was more than double the legal limit. The officer’s dashboard camera captured the entire incident, and normally, it would be a matter of public record; however, Travis has since made three separate attempts to prevent the video from being released to the public.

Governor Greg Abbott, who, at the time, was the Attorney General of Texas, said at the time that the video was “fair game” except for portions below Travis’s exposed wait, which would be redacted. A district court in Travis County and the Third Circuit Court of Appeals agreed with then-Attorney General Abbott. The ruling was also upheld by the Texas Supreme Court in June.

Travis is now arguing that the entire incident was the result of a six-month tour he was on, claiming that he was exhausted from the tour and had consumed several glasses of wine, and that he had also possibly accidentally taken some prescription medication on top of that. Travis was later treated for a concussion and sadly suffered a stroke the following year, which has left him with impaired speech.

Travis’s lawyer further argues that releasing the video of his client’s arrest will violate his privacy and reveal too much information regarding his private mental health and medical conditions. Furthermore, it had also been previously argued that releasing the video would be “unfair” due to Travis not being able to properly speak in order to defend himself.

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