Travis County District Attorneys have dropped the remaining charges against Austin Rep. Dawnna Dukes after conflicting statements regarding house rules were taken.

Dukes was charged with misusing campaign funds and other improprieties. The investigation started after the Austin-American Statesman accused Dukes of questionable spending habits.

Prosecutors dropped the charges after conflicting statements related to per-diem expenses at the state House were recorded.

“I’m very happy to share that ALL charges have been dismissed for lack of evidence in the interest of justice without prejudice,” Dukes said in a Facebook post. “It has been a long battle, but one in which I never doubted the outcome. To God who sits in judgment of all, I give the glory. I am equally grateful to have to loving and supportive family who shared the burden and walk with me these past 19 months. Thank you to my friends and all of my loyal supporters who stood by me throughout this arduous process.”

Travis County DA Margaret Moore said that the case against Dukes collapsed after conflicting statements were taken by top House officials.

“The state has moved to dismiss because Rep. Dukes has made restitution to the State of Texas in the amount of $1,340 for the salary paid to her legislative staffer to reimburse that staffer for transporting Rep. Dukes’ daughter,” Moore said in a statement. “Additionally, Rep. dukes has paid $500 for an outstanding fine owed to the Texas Ethics Commission, and she has restored $5,230.74 to her campaign account for her conversion of campaign funds to personal use.”

It is not determined whether or not Dukes will be pursuing legal action for the perceived damage to her reputation.

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