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Driver’s License Suspensions/Administrative License Revocations Austin Attorney

Did you know that your license can be suspended for paying off too many tickets in one year? Or that a suspension from another state can be enforced in Texas? An experienced Administrative License Revocations Austin Attorney like Gabriella Young knows the law.

There are many reasons that a person’s license can be suspended. Most often times a suspension is the result of a DWI, drug possession convictions, no insurance or multiple traffic convictions. However, a person may not be aware of all of the reasons for a suspension. For example, a license can be suspended for a person suffering from a dangerous medical condition during a Medical Advisory Board Hearing. Some people suffer license suspensions because they have been convicted of Driving While License Suspended or Invalid. Don’t take a possible license suspension lightly and contact an Administrative License Revocations Austin Attorney as soon as possible, because driving on a suspended license in Texas is punishable by up to 6 months in jail and a $2000 fine. If you have a suspended license or are worried you may suffer a license suspension, call Gabriella Young today to discuss your options!

Don’t risk being arrested, having further suspensions or losing time at work
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